Living in The Moment

This is my first post on “The Next Half” so I want to just keep it simple.  When I first hit my midlife crisis I started suffering from severe anxiety, because I began obsessing about death.  And let me tell you, it is hard to LIVE when all you think about is dying.  And I honestly still struggle with it at times, but it has gotten somewhat better.  I am learning that there is only one way to live life to the fullest during midlife, and that is to live in the moment!  Remember, if you began dwelling on the mistakes and missed opportunities of your past it will lead to depression, and if you focus too far into the future it will often times lead to anxiety.

  • How is your life today?
  • How is your health today?
  • How are your relationships today?

If you would say “not great” to any of the above questions then the next question is, “What are you going to do about it?”  Your life isn’t over, and in fact it can truly be a new beginning.  Sure, you are getting older, but you are now wiser and more capable of making better decisions than any other time in your life!


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