How to make sure that next year’s Valentine’s Day DOESN’T suck! #marriage #relationships

ImageWell some of you have let out a sigh of relief that Valentine’s Day is over and gone.  And some of those sighs came from you who are single, and got tired of seeing roses delivered to your office without your name on them.  And there are those of you that went into Valentine’s Day in a relationship, and came out wishing you weren’t!  So my heart goes out to both of you, and I hope this next year proves to be the one where you find Mr. or Ms. Right!

There are also some of you who gave a big sigh of relief, because it was very stressful trying to find the perfect gift, the perfect restaurant, and then come up with the money to afford both.  Yes some of you pulled it off, but it was so stressful you weren’t even able to enjoy it.  So how can we all make sure next year is different?  Well let me give you a word that is really not a part of my vocabulary, which is the word “plan.”

If you are single when February 14, 2015 draws closer then here is the great news.  It will be on a Saturday, which means you won’t be at work to see all those hoochie momma’s getting roses that you…you the sexy beast in the corner cubicle deserve.  So have a plan ready.  Plan to do something that will take your mind off the fact that the men in your community are obviously blind and don’t know a real hottie when they see it.  Let me recommend what my fellow cohost Ellen Tailor did this year…she threw a big party with her other single friends.  They all came to her bachelorette pad for good wine (not whine) and cheese.  Now I don’t know what the rules were for the singlefest 2014, but I’m hoping she didn’t allow anyone to bring a date.  And then I personally think they should have gotten a limo and headed out to a well known dance club where singles hangout (yes I’m sure no one says dance clubs anymore).  So there you go, just my thought for you singles regardless of your age in 2015.

Now for those of you who are in a relationship I want to recommend you make Valentine’s Day feel less special.  Yes, I think Valentine’s Day should be a wonderful day of love, lust, and watermelon flavored lotions!  Too much info?  Well I think it should be fun and romantic, but so should the rest of your year.  Your entire year should focus on making each other feel loved and special, and then I’m going to guess there won’t be so much pressure on February 14th of every year.  Valentines Day should not be the one day out of the year that our significant other can look forward to feeling special.

I believe that part of the reason so many people feel stressed on the day of lust and love is because the rest of the year is filled with laziness.  Many of us honestly neglect each other throughout the year, which means we feel very disconnected.  So think about that for a moment.  February 14th is focused around two people who are very connected, which makes for a very awkward day when two people are disconnected.  So what do we do?  We try to make up for that disconnection with a dozen roses, and an over priced dinner in a dimly lit room.  And that may mean one or both drinks way too much wine just so they have the courage to make a move or say how they feel. Wow that’s a Hallmark moment to remember.  If you want to have an incredible Valentine’s Day in 2015 then make sure you are already connected when it arrives.  So take my advice and do your best to make the other 364 days of a year a time where you are…well…staying plugged in.  Now see, I didn’t mean it that way!  You all have filty filthy minds!


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