IF you are 40+ then you are likely asking this BIG question. So let’s answer it! #midlife

Terry Jaymes

I want to share a blog written by my good friend Terry Jaymes, because I think he addresses a question that those of us in midlife are asking.  And that is, “How do you dream after 50?”  I want to change it up a bit and ask, how do we dream after 40?  And for some of you in your late 30s that are old souls…you may already be asking the question as well.  For Terry, the dream was to have his own late night show, but what was your dream?  Most of us dreamed BIG in our twenties and thirties, but something happened to the dreams.  So again, how can we start dreaming in our 40s & 50s?

Today I am meeting with Terry to answer this question through a podcast that I will post ASAP.  For now I want you to read his heartfelt blog, because I think you will connect.  And the good news is that we do have an answer to the question.

Blog written by Terry Jaymes:  

I missed out on the Tonight Show again. Congratulations to Jimmy Fallon. I can’t believe that I’m actually putting this in writing, but him getting that show hurt me. Nowhere near as much as Kimmel getting his own show some ten years earlier. I’m getting used to the pain.

You see, these were actual dreams of mine. Dreams I managed to fall way short of. Dreams I honestly thought I would live.

In fairness, my original vision was to replace David Letterman, but now Seth Meyers has that one too. All these guys are so talented, but so are a million others who will never feel the warmth of the intense studio lights. I am so happy that the world of late night television is in such great hands. We as viewers are very lucky that we get to see people living their dream every night. These are my reality shows.

There were many mistakes made on my way. I could spend all day listing them. But all that would do is bum me out. If I had the balls to really go for it, I know I would have had my shot by now. The only reason I’ve been in radio so long was to support the dream of hosting a show like that.

Full disclosure: I also wanted to replace Regis. I would have killed in that roll.

Somebody needs to let people know that the bigger the dream, the harder the fall. It takes balls to admit that you want to be extraordinary. It takes a bigger set to walk away.

I’ve ditched a lot of dreams along the way. Some were easy to let go of. There aren’t a lot of fifty year-olds being picked up by the Lakers. Many were heart-wrenching lessons in reality.

The reality being that my window is closing. I can’t tell you how painful this is. I missed out and it’s nobody’s fault but my own.

I’ve taken a few days to think about this and to pray for hope and guidance. What I’m getting is that it’s a disservice to say that age doesn’t matter. It does. Some games are meant for young men. I’m actually crying as I’m writing this. I thought this would just be a good blog topic, but it’s really sinking in. I’m glad my wife isn’t home. She will ask later if I’ve been crying.

So how does one dream big past 50?

Maybe this is where age still matters. I now know what my strengths really are. I know I can offer the world something much more than I could have 20 years ago. The big question is, what does that look like?

I feel a new dream coming. I love you.

Thank you Terry for sharing your thoughts!  Please keep watching for the answer to this question, and PLEASE-PLEASE-PRETTY PLEASE subscribe & follow The Next Half.


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