Why Giving A Sh#! Could Be Ruining Your Life

tomI’ve always loved the expression, “I just don’t give a shit.”  In my professional opinion it’s a sign you are getting healthier and happier when you are saying it several times a day!  In fact, I bet you have found yourself admiring those who you believe simply don’t give a shit.  And that is my hope and prayer for you today my blessed friends.  I want you to increase the amount of times you don’t give a shit in life.  It will make you a much happier person, and this is especially true when you can say I don’t give a shit:

  • What others think about me.
  • What others say about me.
  • What others think I should do.
  • What others think I should believe.
  • What others will think of this decision.
  • What others will think about the way I look.

And those are just a few of the “don’t give a shits” I could think of at this moment.  So if you can think of others please feel free to add them below in the comment section!  It is when we give a shit about other’s opinion(s) of us that we can be lead into a world of hypocrisy, and even more detrimental…a world where we fail to be ourselves.

I don’t want you to think I am saying we should treat others poorly or be arrogant.  I simply want to encourage you to stop…stop giving a shit what everyone else thinks.  There are always times in life where we need to mold our behavior to fit the expectations of others, because it is the way we stay employed, get through school, and generally succeed in life.  However, it should not be a way of life.  If conforming to the expectations of others is something we are doing more often than not then it can lead to depression and anxiety.

I’ll be honest with you by admitting this is still a tough one for me.  In fact, I think it is very difficult for those of us that were raised in the world of legalistic Christianity.  I actually noticed one of my pastor friends using the LMBO on Facebook, because he didn’t want to offend anyone by even using the initial for the word “ass” in LMAO.  I can’t tell you the number of pastors and Christians I’ve known who told me they won’t drink a beer or glass of wine in a restaurant where they may see someone they know, and then they may say, “But if I go out-of-town I will!”  You probably have to be from the south to understand the logic in that completely illogical way of thinking.  But regardless of our religious beliefs we all have a group of people we tend to conform and perform for don’t we?  And if we aren’t careful we can go through life performing and conforming, which means we are never truly being ourselves.  So my challenge to you today is to stop performing and conforming, and that my friends will be very…transforming.



4 thoughts on “Why Giving A Sh#! Could Be Ruining Your Life

  1. Christine Freemon April 9, 2014 / 12:20 pm

    Well said…


  2. Sandy Morgan April 10, 2014 / 9:39 pm



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