I thought it was God talking, but it just turned out to be gas!

GodWhen I moved to Washington almost 5 years ago I would have told you it was because this is where God wanted me to be.  There was little doubt in mine or Amy’s mind that God was sending us from Texas to the great Northwest!  Well if this has been part of God’s plan then it was poorly thought out.  Yes, we have made some incredible friends here and absolutely love the culture and beauty that surrounds us, but little has gone right for us financially, mentally, physically, and even spiritually.

I only write this because It is my form of therapy, and helps me process it, but it has truly been one disappointment after another.  And being a former pastor I know all of the amazing clichés that can be tossed my way like, “God didn’t promise us things would be easy, God puts us through trials to strengthen our faith, & God is there during the storms.”  What people don’t like to think about is the fact that maybe…just maybe God had nothing to do with the decision. It is possible that what I thought was God guiding or speaking to me was nothing more than wishful thinking, or gas from a bad plate of lasagna.

Let me give you a great example of what I’m talking about in this blog laced with sarcasm and discouragement.  About a year ago I was talking with a lady who informed me that God had used the Wolf’s station vehicle to speak to her (100.7 The Wolf).  She said that she was praying about her pastor, whom she thought was a “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”, and then she saw our vehicle pull up next to her!  And she knew at that moment that God was communicating with her.  So she then likely went to the elders of her church to get rid of the Wolf (aka pastor).

I’m not here to say that God does or doesn’t communicate with us, but I have learned that I need to be very careful when I think God is speaking to me or others.  I have never heard an audible voice, but I’ve been thinking…He is God so if He really wanted me to know something wouldn’t it be loud and clear?  I just believe that there are more times in life where people believe they are following God when in reality He is following them, and He is likely thinking, “Why in the world would he think I wanted him to do this?”


4 thoughts on “I thought it was God talking, but it just turned out to be gas!

  1. Teonie July 23, 2014 / 12:42 pm

    Hi Tony,

    I’ve been listening to The Wolf from day one, and I feel like everyone there is like family, so I’m sorry to read about the issues that you and your family have had since moving to the PNW.

    With that said, I feel as if you’ve left your readers hanging. Are you saying that it’s possibly time to fix the problem of not being led by God to move here, and do what you now feel God intended for you to do in the first place?



    • Tony Russell July 24, 2014 / 7:30 am

      Hi Teonie, that is a great question! At this point I’m just waiting to see what happens. I love the Northwest and would like to stay here the rest of my life. I’m just hoping things can get a little smoother! Thank you for reading my blog and for listening to the show!


  2. Shannon July 23, 2014 / 4:44 pm

    Ok – I will be the first to admit that I actually snorted reading this! And I have thought the exact same thing, looked Heavenward and asked, “Really, THIS is what you had in mind?” God does give us free will – I think that most of the time He just needs a good laugh! It doesn’t mean I don’t have faith; it means I don’t understand His plan yet.
    Divine will or not – I am glad you are here in the otherwise dreary Northwest. You give me someone to commiserate with every morning….or sometimes I think, after Fitz in the Morning, “Ok God, I am going to quit complaining, because Tony has it worse than me!”
    Thanks for the laughs every day!


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