Hello and thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your life through my blogs and podcast.  I am a radio personality with Fitz in The Morning on The Wolf, which is heard in both Seattle & Portland.  However, my passions throughout my life have revolved around helping others.  And yet there came a time when I was the one who needed help.  Yes I was a licensed counselor, but that didn’t keep me from hitting my mid-forties and literally looking in the mirror and asking out loud, “What the hell happened to you?”  For me personally, it was the beginning of a midlife crisis.  No I didn’t go chase young women, because I felt like marrying Amy and having our children was the only thing I had done right!  And no I didn’t go buy a sports car, but the fact that I was driving a GOLD MERCURY Milan felt like a kick in the balls.  And there was no longer a slight wrinkle on my forehead, but several and if the light hits them just right…they form a spiderweb of age.  Depressed yet?

Well I didn’t mean to take a whiz in your Wheaties today, but I want you to know where this journey began (it gets much happier).  I did become depressed, stressed, and it wasn’t long until anxiety showed up to give me an old-fashioned butt kicking.  And right around the corner would be much doubting.  I began questioning everything from my self-worth to my spiritual beliefs.  I am happy to tell you that things have gotten much better.

Right before my 47th birthday I began to realize something…actually some things that I believe were life changing.  And I started The Next Half Blog & Podcast to share those things with you.  Don’t get me wrong, the journey and learning continues daily, but it has gotten easier and even rewarding.  Now, if you have not hit midlife just yet that doesn’t mean the blog and podcast aren’t for you as well.  There will be several different topics covered with sincerity and humor.  I hope that you will stop by often and read my blog, and listen to my podcast so that I can share my journey.  Please take the time to subscribe to both of them, and remember that I welcome your thoughts and advice, because while life can be very difficult…it is much easier when we do it together.

Life is Good,

Tony Russell, MA, LMHC


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