Sherman vs. Crabtree: Don’t cut their nuts off just yet!


Richard Sherman went to shake hands with Michael Crabtree after the playoff game, and Crabtree literally pushed him away. Sherman then goes on TV seconds to a minute later with a rant, and now they are both being labeled bad sports, and horrible role models for our children. Yes, the wussification of men in America continues.

What happened to the days when men who talked a little crap and had testosterone rushing through their veins were admired? Could it be that men today are so bored with their lives that they’ve forgotten the feeling of adrenaline pumping in their hearts…that feeling like they can conquer the world?  And for the love of double bacon cheeseburgers, what happened to allowing people to be real and speak their minds even when we didn’t agree with them?  Give me that over an athlete who pretends to be humble, and thanks God for giving HIM the victory as if HE is God’s favorite athlete.  Yes, that sounds awesome, but I’m fairly certain God loves all athletes the same.  Well, I do think Tim Tebow might be God’s favorite quarterback.  He loves Tim so much he obviously doesn’t want him to get hit seeing as though he can’t make a roster.  But I digress!

It’s a game played by young men who are strong and confident.  Allow them to express that and don’t ask them to raise your children.  There will come a day when our PC world will figure out a way to cut their balls off as well. Until then, let them remind you of what it feels like to be a full of energy, passion, and confidence.  And yes!  Let them remind you of the freedom you felt when you ran your mouth without thinking. Better yet, let them challenge all of us to find that same freedom and passion for something…any thing! And let’s pursue that with the maturity and wisdom we have gained throughout the years.

Tony Russell

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