Big Change Coming in 2015

dream-bigWe’ve all heard the saying by Albert Einstein, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  I should probably tattoo that on my forearm so that I don’t forget it! I’m one of those people who tends to do the same thing over and over again and hope for different results.  What about you?

It’s sad that time goes so fast that we waste several years before realizing we are living as if we are insane. It is like getting lost while driving, and you know you are lost, but you don’t stop and ask for directions.  We just go in circles until we are exhausted and stressed out, and then we stop and ask for help.  If we had just done that to start with we would have saved ourselves time and enormous amounts of stress!

When I was approximately 30 years-old I was selling cars, and took a very wise man on a test drive.  He was getting ready to retire from the pharmaceutical industry, and he was going to pay cash for red Toyota Sierra (mini-man).  You are thinking, “Why in the hell would he buy a MINI-VAN aren’t you?  Well, it was because he had a bunch of buddies, and he said he wanted to load them all up to go play golf. As we talked about life he said something to me I have never forgotten.  He said, “You need to pick a path and stay on it.”  I’m not saying that is great advice for everyone, but looking back it was great advice for me.  He was simply telling me I had to quit jumping from one profession to another, or I would never truly smell the roses of success.  He was an older gentlemen who knew time goes by quickly, and one day you will wake up and ask yourself, “Where did the time go and what did I do with it?”

My point today is simple.  I’ve made the mistake of going through life having many dreams, but never focusing on one long enough to make it come true. And with all of that being said I should make one more point.  The first step is having the dream.  The dream that you know you have been equipped to fulfill if given the time to pursue it.  The dream that when pursued will make you want to get out of bed each morning.  The dream that will put you on the path.  The path that will likely keep you from going in circles and insane.

So join me if you will! Let’s choose to quit making one change after another, and make the change we know we need to make for 2015.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of going around in circles.


Click Here to Get $aved

Money-goes-far-in-Missouri-Show-me-the-moneyI posted the following on Facebook:

“By not saving & managing your money in your youth…you greatly increase the likelihood that you will one day feel enslaved to a job. People will tell you that money doesn’t make you happy, and that’s because they are broke. Money will offer you freedom, which can lead to both peace and happiness. Make it-Share it-Save it”

Uncle Tony

Being on the radio for almost 20 years has taught me that you can’t make a statement everyone will agree with, and so I was not shocked that a few (very few) disagreed.  However, I am a little shocked that someone would disagree.  Does that make sense?  Sure, I know that not everyone will realize I’m like a Caucasian Buddha, but not sure how anyone can deny the importance of money here in America.  Regardless, I want to clarify my statement to help people understand the brilliance that flowed so easily from my tortured mind.

Note that I didn’t say money can take care of all of our problems, and that it is the source of happiness. I said it can make life easier for you. When life is easier it can thus bring more peace and happiness to most situations.  For example, one of my dear friends replied with the following statement to my post:

I agree with you Tony. Always been a “save for rainy day” fund gal. In my 20s..when we were making very good money-we both socked 16 percent into 401ks…bought a modest home.  15 year mortgage ( house now paid off and I am only 43 ). Being responsible then when we were making big bucks saved me a world of grief later.

You will notice the phrase, “Saved me a world of grief later.”   What you don’t know is my good friend lost her husband to cancer at a very young age, and was left to raise 3 children. Did the money take away the grief.  No.  Did she ever think the money would replace the loss of the love of her life?  No.  However, did it reduce the stress in her life greatly? Absolutely.  Let me give you an example on the other side of the spectrum.  My parents are now almost 80 years of age, and despite having Medicaid and an AARP health policy their medications cost them over $500 a month.  If my parents had not saved money then they would be having even more struggles  Life is still difficult for them, but at least one stressor has been removed due to a few extra “Benjamins” in the bank.

Money shouldn’t be worshiped, and allowed to control us, but you sure as hell better learn to respect it and know the value of it.  I’m not speaking from a place of expertise, but I am speaking from experience.  I’ve made and continue to make great money, but because I wasn’t wise throughout the years it has tripled the amount of stress I have in my life.  I simply didn’t listen to my father who told me to save my money.  Now, please know I’m blessed beyond my dreams with most of the important things in life so don’t miss my point about money. My post is simply a way of advising younger folks to not just live for today.  Sure, enjoy today and spend some of your money on things that will bring joy into your life…just don’t spend all of it!

A few others insinuated that my Facebook post showed that I’m a broken man and in need of turning things over to God.  I would like to say that we are all broken, and you know what is worse than being broken?  Being broken and broke at the same time!  I fully believe that a belief in a high power will bring an incredible amount of peace during difficult times.  However, God doesn’t even carry a wallet, which makes it very difficult for Him to pay my rent.


Here is The ONE Reason You May Hate Your Job!

wired upOn an upcoming podcast you will be able to hear my interview with Chris Sprague who is the author of “The Secret Blueprint to More.”  Chris says the reason many are unhappy with their job or occupation is because they have failed to look at one very important thing…how they are wired.  We often times accept a new job, because we are going to make more money and power, and we forget to think about whether or not it fits our strengths and passions.  So we get excited to get going and a few months in we find ourselves unhappy again.  So we may find another job and repeat the cycle, and we get depressed because we don’t know why this always happens.

The answer to why we find ourselves unhappy in one job after another likely lies in the details.  If you are currently unhappy with your job then sit down and  write a list of the qualities, strengths, and passions that are important to be successful in your current field.  And then honestly ask yourself if that description fits you.  Let me give you an example.  I love the thought of starting any new business adventure, because I am an entrepreneur at heart.  Therefore, when someone gives me an offer to try something new my first reaction is one of excitement and “Let’s do it!”

The problem in the past has been that I don’t examine the details of the new adventure.  In other words, I have been a sucker for every multilevel marketing company ever developed. And I absolutely loved them at first, but then I realized something…I had to recruit people to sell the products (they always say you don’t…but you do).  I had to be assertive or down right pushy to get people to sign up and join my team.  And while some people LOVE that type of environment…I HATE it!  I don’t like applying pressure or hard selling someone, and if a job requires that then I will be miserable and likely unsuccessful.  Why?  Because that is not the way I’m wired.  I’m wired to be relational with others, and that is why I enjoy real estate sales.  In real estate people approach me and ask for my services, which is much different from me approaching them to push my services.  Now, there are times I will approach others despite it being out of my comfort zone.  I do believe we all have to get out of our comfort zones from time to time to be successful, but that should be the exception and not the norm.

So maybe today is the day you begin being honest with yourself.  Make a list and on one side put the word “hate”, in the middle “take it or leave it”, and on the right side write “love.” And then begin putting the things you hate, you can take or leave, or love under each heading.  For example, you may put:  organizing, managing, cleaning, working with numbers, selling, or working with people.  Then look closely at those lists, and begin determining if you are in the right place.  I would love your comments below!

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IF you are 40+ then you are likely asking this BIG question. So let’s answer it! #midlife

Terry Jaymes

I want to share a blog written by my good friend Terry Jaymes, because I think he addresses a question that those of us in midlife are asking.  And that is, “How do you dream after 50?”  I want to change it up a bit and ask, how do we dream after 40?  And for some of you in your late 30s that are old souls…you may already be asking the question as well.  For Terry, the dream was to have his own late night show, but what was your dream?  Most of us dreamed BIG in our twenties and thirties, but something happened to the dreams.  So again, how can we start dreaming in our 40s & 50s?

Today I am meeting with Terry to answer this question through a podcast that I will post ASAP.  For now I want you to read his heartfelt blog, because I think you will connect.  And the good news is that we do have an answer to the question.

Blog written by Terry Jaymes:  

I missed out on the Tonight Show again. Congratulations to Jimmy Fallon. I can’t believe that I’m actually putting this in writing, but him getting that show hurt me. Nowhere near as much as Kimmel getting his own show some ten years earlier. I’m getting used to the pain.

You see, these were actual dreams of mine. Dreams I managed to fall way short of. Dreams I honestly thought I would live.

In fairness, my original vision was to replace David Letterman, but now Seth Meyers has that one too. All these guys are so talented, but so are a million others who will never feel the warmth of the intense studio lights. I am so happy that the world of late night television is in such great hands. We as viewers are very lucky that we get to see people living their dream every night. These are my reality shows.

There were many mistakes made on my way. I could spend all day listing them. But all that would do is bum me out. If I had the balls to really go for it, I know I would have had my shot by now. The only reason I’ve been in radio so long was to support the dream of hosting a show like that.

Full disclosure: I also wanted to replace Regis. I would have killed in that roll.

Somebody needs to let people know that the bigger the dream, the harder the fall. It takes balls to admit that you want to be extraordinary. It takes a bigger set to walk away.

I’ve ditched a lot of dreams along the way. Some were easy to let go of. There aren’t a lot of fifty year-olds being picked up by the Lakers. Many were heart-wrenching lessons in reality.

The reality being that my window is closing. I can’t tell you how painful this is. I missed out and it’s nobody’s fault but my own.

I’ve taken a few days to think about this and to pray for hope and guidance. What I’m getting is that it’s a disservice to say that age doesn’t matter. It does. Some games are meant for young men. I’m actually crying as I’m writing this. I thought this would just be a good blog topic, but it’s really sinking in. I’m glad my wife isn’t home. She will ask later if I’ve been crying.

So how does one dream big past 50?

Maybe this is where age still matters. I now know what my strengths really are. I know I can offer the world something much more than I could have 20 years ago. The big question is, what does that look like?

I feel a new dream coming. I love you.

Thank you Terry for sharing your thoughts!  Please keep watching for the answer to this question, and PLEASE-PLEASE-PRETTY PLEASE subscribe & follow The Next Half.