Being Single in A Divorce Filled World: How Does it Affect Single Adults?

Being a midlifer I wondered how single adults are affected by the divorces taking place all around them.  Does it make them fearful of marriage?  Does it make them think marriage is a waste of time?  So I turned to Fitz in The Morning cohost Ellen Tailor to find out, and I love what she had to say and I think you will as well.  PLEASE HIT SHARE BELOW and consider subscribing to my podcast and blog.


Ellen Tailor, Cohost of Fitz in The Morning & Blogger and Fashion Fanatic at What’s Ellen Tailor Wearing.




The BJ Shea Interview, Part One: Left on A Doorstep @bjshea

bjBJ Shea is a famous morning show Rock Jock who is dearly loved by many so why was he so damn angry all the time?  Well, when you hear about the first…yes only the first 5 years of his life you will understand.  This is truly a powerful story of a man who has transformed his life by getting honest with himself and others. 

I believe BJ’s story is life changing for those who dare to admit that while it seems they are always right and the world is all wrong…that maybe…just maybe some of their problems in life could have something to do with them.  I was one of those people, and I share some of my own “junk” during this interview as well.   

I have a couple of options for you on this interview with BJ.  You can choose between listening to the full 90 minute interview or you can listen to it in 30 minute segments (Parts 1, 2, 3). 

Full 90 Minute Interview: 

Part One, 30 Minutes of Interview: 

Podcast: A Man’s Journey from A Born Again Believer to Buddhism



In today’s podcast I interview Dr. Jay Forrest about his journey of faith.  Dr. Forrest has a weekly podcast and blog called Five Minute Dharma where he helps others grow mentally and spiritually through the teachings of Buddha.  He also explains that Buddhism is not a religion as much as it is a philosophy and form of psychology.  However, the former pastor has been on quite the journey to get there!

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Midlife Marriage!

When approaching midlife a person can begin to feel bored with their life and relationship…so what can they do?  Listen to this week’s The Next Half podcast for answers and to hear the new song from American Young called, “Love is War.”

The Only Way to FULLY Enjoy Life is To FULLY Embrace This One Thing!

live it up, tony russell, fitz in the morningI had the privilege of talking with Stephen Garrett who has written some incredible books encouraging us to live life to the fullest by embracing the one thing that we fear the most.  To hear exactly what that is please listen to the podcast, and go ahead and hit share below on one of the social media tabs!

The Next Half Podcast: 

Who Loves Ya!

Tony Russell

What To Do When The Dream Doesn’t Come True #midlife

dream-bigLet me say thank you, because I am humbled that over 10,000 of you tuned in to my podcasts or to read my blog this month!  I love sharing my thoughts with you, and it makes it all worthwhile to know that you have enjoyed what I’ve had to say.  Please share The Next Half with your friends!

Today’s podcast deals with what happens when you “blink” and realize you are getting older, and your dreams have not become reality.  Feel free to give me your comments after listening and please go ahead and hit share on the Facebook button below!  The podcast includes music from Kenny Chesney and Brantley Gilbert so enjoy.

What were you doing at 22 years-old? Meet Spc. John A. Pelham of Portland, OR

john alex pelham
John Alex Pelham

I’m at the age where I look at young men or women in their twenties, and think they look like kids!  After all, being almost 50 years-old I could easily be their father.  Then I hear stories about young men like Army Spc. John Alex Pelham.  His story makes me realize that while some twenty somethings may still be acting like children, there are many that are courageous and mature beyond their years.  Yes, some are truly heroes, and a man among men like Spc. Pelham.  Alex, as his father called him in an interview, was only 22 years-old on the day that he picked up his riffle and laid down his life for his country. Let that sink in for a moment.  What were you doing when you were 22 years-old?

Some of you were like Spc. Pelham, and many of you were like me…you didn’t know shit from shinola (excuse the southern phrase).  I wish I had been more like the young men who are serving our country today, but I was quite frankly immature and thinking only of myself.  So to read the story of Spc. Pelham is overwhelming to me.  It overwhelms me because a man I never met laid down his life for me and my family.  In what must have seemed like another world a young man chose to enter into harms way while you and I slept peacefully.

This story reminds me that we all need to be more involved in the political process of this country.  Because you and I get a vote that helps determine the future of a country that young men and women are dying for every single day.  I’m not writing this to insinuate that we should or should not be in Afghanistan.  I simply want us to realize that Alex wasn’t only the son of Mr. & Mrs. Pelham, but he was our son as well.  We should all consider these young men and women serving today as our sons and daughters, because as citizens of the United States we are responsible for their welfare.  We must keep that in mind when we choose our leaders.

When they were children we only hired those we trusted to watch over them while we were away. And now, we must only hire those we trust to watch over them while they are away.

Please take the time to listen to the Troop Salute given to Spc. Pelham today on our morning show, and join us in saying a prayer of peace for his fiance and family.

Troop Salute Audio:

There are TWO Things We all Need: 1-Sex 2-______________

In this podcast I speak with my good friend & nationally syndicated radio host Terry Jaymes about the meaning of life. 

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Can I call You Daddy: My advice to step-parents & my happy 18th birthday wish to my daughter.

brady bunch
Mr. Brady may have not really loved Mrs. Brady, but he loved all the kids!

I can’t believe that it has been almost 16 years, since I met my oldest daughter Laikin.  Legally she would be called my step-daughter, but I have never for a second thought of her in that way.  I tell people it was love at first sight.  I was sitting in our little dirty radio studio in Wichita Falls, Texas and I heard the door open and in came this cute little blonde headed girl.  She was absolutely adorable with her little white shoes and socks, and a big red bow in her hair.

And from the day that Amy and I got married I knew that she was my baby girl.  When Amy and I had Libby and David there was not a feeling of “these are my real kids.”  No, they were my other two children.  I know that many blended families have difficulties, because a step-parent can’t get to that place where they truly love or accept their spouse’s child.  I don’t say that to be judgmental, because there are some kids that can make it very tough to love them!  This can be especially true if you marry someone with teenagers.  When I do premarital counseling with people before I officiate their wedding I always ask if one or the other has children.  If the answer is yes then I have one big question for them.  How do you feel about them?  And yes I know that many are going to lie like an old rug so I follow-up with many more questions.  And often times I will ask them to come back and bring the children with them.

In my opinion, if the children are young then don’t marry mom or dad until you can say that you truly love the children.  If you can’t get to a place where you love them as your own then at least love them as if you do.  If you are thinking, “I don’t want to use my money to take care of them” then don’t get married.  When you marry someone with children it is a package deal, and trust me my little love birds…if you don’t like the children then you are going to be miserable, and you will make everyone else miserable as well.  I hear someone out there saying, “But Tony the kids will only be with us every other weekend.”  So, if I came to your house every other weekend and made you miserable then you would be okay with that?  Hell to the no!  Love may build a bridge, but a horrible relationship between Step-Monster & Step-Dracula will burn it to the ground!

I’m not trying to be negative or discourage you from getting hitched to someone with children.  I simply want you to build a very strong and healthy foundation with them before walking down the aisle.  My relationship with Laikin has been incredible, and I am so thankful for her.  It has been extremely rewarding, and I want the same for others.  And last but not least, remember how much power you have in a child’s life.  You may not think they don’t care what you think about them, but trust me…they do.  Choose to make a positive impact by showing them they are worth loving.  You can do this!