What were you doing at 22 years-old? Meet Spc. John A. Pelham of Portland, OR

john alex pelham
John Alex Pelham

I’m at the age where I look at young men or women in their twenties, and think they look like kids!  After all, being almost 50 years-old I could easily be their father.  Then I hear stories about young men like Army Spc. John Alex Pelham.  His story makes me realize that while some twenty somethings may still be acting like children, there are many that are courageous and mature beyond their years.  Yes, some are truly heroes, and a man among men like Spc. Pelham.  Alex, as his father called him in an interview, was only 22 years-old on the day that he picked up his riffle and laid down his life for his country. Let that sink in for a moment.  What were you doing when you were 22 years-old?

Some of you were like Spc. Pelham, and many of you were like me…you didn’t know shit from shinola (excuse the southern phrase).  I wish I had been more like the young men who are serving our country today, but I was quite frankly immature and thinking only of myself.  So to read the story of Spc. Pelham is overwhelming to me.  It overwhelms me because a man I never met laid down his life for me and my family.  In what must have seemed like another world a young man chose to enter into harms way while you and I slept peacefully.

This story reminds me that we all need to be more involved in the political process of this country.  Because you and I get a vote that helps determine the future of a country that young men and women are dying for every single day.  I’m not writing this to insinuate that we should or should not be in Afghanistan.  I simply want us to realize that Alex wasn’t only the son of Mr. & Mrs. Pelham, but he was our son as well.  We should all consider these young men and women serving today as our sons and daughters, because as citizens of the United States we are responsible for their welfare.  We must keep that in mind when we choose our leaders.

When they were children we only hired those we trusted to watch over them while we were away. And now, we must only hire those we trust to watch over them while they are away.

Please take the time to listen to the Troop Salute given to Spc. Pelham today on our morning show, and join us in saying a prayer of peace for his fiance and family.

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