Life is Easier When We Do It Together

dadI thought about Billy Ray Russell today. My dad LOVED watching people succeed.  He would smile and light up as he talked about someone getting a promotion, closing a big deal, or getting a great job. Think about that for a moment, I was raised in a home where my father didn’t resent or feel threatened by other’s success, but instead he celebrated it!

I want to encourage parents (including me) to follow my father’s lead. It is so easy for us to “talk smack” about others. And what message does that send to our children? I believe it makes us look petty, somewhat narcissistic, and very insecure. After all, the root cause of “talking smack” is insecurity and an absurd level of competition. Yes, a competitive spirit can be very beneficial in life, but when it makes us appear resentful and angry…it’s gone too far.

If you struggle with jealousy and resentment then I’m guessing when you see other’s success it turns you inward. You quickly begin to focus on what you perceive to be your failures, and thus you feel sad and angry. At that point it can be in our nature to project that anger onto others. After all, it’s easier to blame others than to accept responsibility for not being where we’d like to be in life.

I believe that my father realized something very important about life. It is easier when we do it together. He knew that none of us would get where we wanted to be without helping and caring for one another. I find the phrase “A self made man” absurd! As my dad would often say, “We all need a little help from time to time.”

You are a wonderful and magnificent creation, and you were not designed to compare yourself to others. The world needs you to be you! You are the only you we have and we need you! Sure, competition can make life more interesting, but make no mistake about it…we were created to love and support one another, because life is much easier when we do it together.


Why I Love The Dr. Oz 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan (notice it doesn’t say diet)! #weightloss

untitledI want you to say hello to a weight loss plan that I believe is the answer to many of your struggles with weight loss (I’m not getting paid for this).  As you can see it is called, “The Dr. Oz Weight Loss Plan” and not a diet.  Why?  Well I shouldn’t speak for the good doctor, but I believe it is because this plan is made up of foods that you and I should be eating daily.  Now, if you don’t need to lose weight then you would need to add a few healthy items, or just eat more of what is on the plan.  I guess this is where I should state the obvious…I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV.  You shouldn’t take my word for how you should diet or exercise, and consult your doctor.  I am however a guy who has had to watch his weight his entire life, and I can truly tell you what has and has not worked for me.

Let me say this, every diet will help you lose weight if you follow it.  I have lost weight on Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watcher, The Three Day Diet, and the list goes on.  And because I run I am usually able to keep the weight off until I get lazy.  However, if you are no longer a young kid or adult you have to start being very careful when dieting.  Those starvation diets of your youth may cause serious damage now that you are older…but sexier.  And as we all know the starvation diets help you lose weight, but 15 minutes after your first margarita or HoHo you are fatter than you were to start with!

I love Dr. Oz’s plan because it teaches us how to eat healthy.  It takes us back to the Garden of Eden where we first ran naked and free, and picked fruits and veggies.  Unfortunately, according to the story of Genesis, the chick ate the wrong piece of fruit, and now you and I are having to talk about disease and dieting!  Why would anyone believe a talking snake anyway?  I digress!  I also love this plan because in two weeks BOTH my wife and I lost over 10 pounds.  Yes ladies, if you stick to it & you will lose weight almost as fast as the testosterone men that surround you.  The reason I believe that is important is because many of you reading this may need to lose several pounds (according to your doctor), if you jump on the scales the first week and see 1 pound…you are going to go on a beer or Bon Bon bender in 30 seconds.  If you see that you have lost 10 to 15 pounds in two weeks then you will be motivated.  Did I mention I’m not a doctor, but I do own a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope?

Well you have heard enough from me…go check it out for yourself by clicking The Oz Diet.  And remember, you should consult your doctor before starting any new weight lost plan, new exercise program, or sexual position.  I just threw that last one in for those of you with a bad back!  Please hit share below to share this with your Twitter and/or Facebook friends, and I would love for you to subscribe to The Next Half!

Who Loves Ya?

Tony Russell